design freedom

bWindows is a seamlessly integrated plug-in for the planning of windows/door frames. By exploiting bSuite’s planning functionality, bWindows provides unparalleled capabilities.

Create window/door frames even with extremely complex designs

bWindows’s potential is such that it supports the design of all types of window/door frames. It can manage extremely complex products in terms of number and types of components.

The software is equipped with basic information relating to operations to be performed with this type of process. All that’s required of the customer is to specify which tools are available, which bWindows processes to execute the project. With a substantial reduction in set-up time.

Visualise all components and composition of the products to be manufactured

bWindows offers the possibility to verify the specifications of the product to be manufactured.

All components and characteristics (size, junctions, individual components, finishes) of a work piece can be checked even before it is simulated or processed.

Precise calculation of the timing of job lists generated by an entire order

bWindows enables the precise calculation of door and window processing times, by virtue of its seamless integration with bSuite and its innovative job list management.

Management of printouts and glass list for the internal and/or external production of an order’s complementary components.

Jedinstvena platforma za upravljanje svim mašinskim procesima.