The efficiency of the
productive process

bProcess is the Biesse tool that allows in a simple and intuitive way to organize the production for a machine cell.

production control

From design to production in three clicks:

  • import of orders and articles;
  • generation of production lists;
  • transmission of data to the machines in order to begin production.

Complete integration in company work-flows

Complete management of components damaged or need to be reprocessed

bProcess offers complete management of components that are damaged or need to be reprocessed. Both the machine and the operator can indicate the broken component; the software then marks it and specifies the quantities to be reprocessed during the current production or the next one.

bProcess offers specific environments for examining, checking and correcting the imported information.

Continuous monitoring of production in real time, to detect the machining of panels, production times, alarms and machine downtime.

Production and machine reports for analysing production.

Jedinstvena platforma za upravljanje svim mašinskim procesima.