Biesse promotes, nurtures and develops close and constructive relationships with customers in order.

Service team

TOP TECH WOODWORKING service team consists of 15 specialized technicians, who are capable of providing continuus support, ingenerring and consulting services for our clients.

Over 600 machines

We are take care of over 600 BIESSE machines on the markets that we are responsible for, and we give our services to a large number of companies in the Eastern Europe region.


TOP TECH WOODWORKING technicians are continuously being educated in the Biesse training centers to ensure the quality of the services provided by our company.

The Quality of services

The involvement of our technicians in major Biesse projects in Europe, Africa, North America, Australia and Asia has become a standard practice over the years and a grate recognition of the quality of services provided by our company.

Spare Parts Sektor

A special division in this department is the spare parts sektor which manages the sale and eficient distributionof the necessary spare parts and equipment.

Buying up old machines

To our business friends we offer a special convenience – Trade in, buying up old Biesse machines in case the need for machine reconfiguration or technology upgrade arises.

TOP TECH WOODWORKING service team is proud to offer professional support to our clients in the shortest timeline:

  • Techical support
  • Fast spare parts delivery
  • Remote internet support
  • Woodworking machines installation
  • Relocation and reinstallation of woodworking machines
  • Service and maintenance of woodworking machines and equipment
  • Woodworking machines operator training
  • Software training for woodworking machines
  • Consulting
  • Supporting equipment installation
  • Tools for woodworking machines

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