The maximum quality
of squaring and edgebanding

Always high quality

Stream is a range of machinery for the application of edges in coils up to 3mm thickness and solid wood strips up to 20 mm.

The perfect union between technology and configurability makes Stream a totally flexible machine in the working of straight and softforming edges, maintaining elevated performances in terms of productivity, quality and reliability.

Simple but powerful

The interface software SINTRA is simple and powerful at the same time. Each machine has it’s own icon based configuration shown on the screen.


Biesse Systems provides a full project consultancy and management service to companies who wish to implement integrated technology solutions for their manufacturing processes. A team of sector experts, capable of understanding and anticipating company needs, work with the customer from inception through to system installation and commissioning.

Design and installation of turn-key systems, design and installation of automated and integrated production lines. Upgrading, refurbishment and integration of pre-existing production systems.

Invisible edgebanding

Air Force System is based on the physical principle of convection. By using a compressed hot air system, the edge bonds perfectly with the panel guaranteeing resistance to water and heat and an excellent long lasting quality finish.


Stream B

Automatic single-sided edgebanding machines...

Stream A

Automatic single-sided edgebanding machines ...

Stream C

Edgebanding and Squaring-edgebanding machines...