Biesse at Holz-Handwerk, with the same
passion as always and the technology of the future.

Holz-Handwerk, scheduled to take place at the Nuremberg trade fair centre from 18 to 21 March, will be an unmissable opportunity to discover first hand the innovative solutions to automate and revolutionise production methods. Visitors to Holz-Handwerk will learn how a smart factory can be set up within a small manufacturing area, exploiting the power of highly integrated solutions to offer standardised processes without renouncing customisation.

At Biesse we believe in the added value that human actions can bring to the infinite capabilities of technology and in a context where robotisation, driving the main market trends, can improve the economic performance of our customers. We offer the possibility for creating a winning alliance between robot and machine

Jacek Pigorsch - CEO

Biesse at Holz-Handwerk

The main focus of this new concept is the integrated management of production by means of software that allows the various machines to exchange data and process production reports, all within a small floor space, with limited investments and an easy learning curve. Through the complete digitalisation of processes, furnishings can be produced quickly, flexibly and with room for customisation.



SmartAction was conceived alongside the concept of AutomAction, it’s a new technological trend within the reach of every production reality, even small ones. The new SmartAction concept differs from AutomAction in that it is aimed at companies intending to look at digitalisation for the first time: it makes it possible to create a compact, connected and accessible factory, offering this opportunity to small and medium-sized companies that want to become more competitive in the market. Through the application of all the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0, the machines are connected in real time and guarantee fast and optimised production. At the Inside Biesse event, you can find out how to create a smart factory in a small production company, exploiting the power and effectiveness of highly integrated solutions, for standardised processes without sacrificing customisation.



The factory of the future is a reality where man’s creative mind meets the infinite capabilities of the machine: the winning partnership that is taking shape between the two offers a host of opportunities and advantages connected to robotisation and the digital factory. Thanks to their alliance and Biesse's passion, production becomes interconnected and completely automated: all this is AutomAction. This concept guides the creation of the digitised factory in large industrialised plants and represents the key to strengthening and increasing the production performance for large industry.


The heart of digital factory.

It is possible to enter the Digital hub, to show customers the various construction phases of a 4.0 factory, thanks to process simulation, software for the design, optimisation and programme of production plants. This is the heart of the digital factory, created to show all the available services to monitor progress and increase the productivity of technologies: from the IoT SOPHIA platform, designed in collaboration with Accenture and developed on Microsoft Azure, to B_SUITE, the coordinated set of advanced software tools that allows anyone access to the most advanced technologies, without design limits.

Technology in action

The new processing centre for manufacturing furniture, staircase and door and window components of any shape, size and thickness with ease
The new Biesse numerical control machining centre with Gantry structure - the most compact on the market - designed to machine panels made from wood and its derivatives
The new CNC multi-centre for the production of doors and windows, designed for artisans and small industries aiming to increase production and for medium and large industries who need to produce small batches of unusual size or remakes
ROVER A 12/15
Rover A 12/15 is the new NC processing centre offering top performance and flexibility. It’s designed for the customer who wants to invest in a product that can process any type of element quickly and economically.