On the fifth of December 2017. the Belgrade Faculty of Forestry marked it`s 97 anniversary, awarding a plaque to TOP TECH WOODWORKING for their contribution.

The solemn Academy was attended by numerous guests from government bodies, associated Faculties, as well as companies who collaborate with the Faculty of Forestry, one of which is TOP TECH WOODWORKING.

Dean dr Ratko Ristic talked about the history of this institution and elaborated on the challenges that this institution is facing in the present.

The realization of the Innovative teaching center projects was the highlight of this year`s plans, and TOP TECH WOODWORKING supported this project by donating 16 laptop computers with bSuite package which company BIESSE provided for the educational needs.

Professor Jasna Matic and a group of dedicated students managed to create a well-designed, modernly equipped, functional space in which the students will be able to develop their professional skills and talents, while preparing them for the work market.

As a socially responsible company, TOP TECH WOODWORKING will continue to support the Faculty of Forestry in it`s work, because it is our policy that only through development of human potentials is possible to utilize all other resources for wellbeing of society as a whole.