In the mid-1990s, engineer Almir Krdžović left his job as teaching assistant at the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade and despite the social situation and business environment at the time he bravely decided to start a private business with his brother Ćamil. What started off as a small woodworking shop in 1995 is now a serious company, which can boast of having completed more than 4500 projects in 30 countries worldwide. The name Xylon was built through hard work and has become a synonym for quality and attention to detail, whether the commission is a child’s room with a cartoon design or a modern office space.

Presently Xylon not only follows but kicks off trends in furniture design. Special attention is given to interaction with the clients, in order to create an environment in which the creative potential of the team of six designers is given full freedom to create products which reflect the individuality of the buyer.

Sabina Simović, menadžer prodaje Xylon-a

The greatest challenge are unplanned additional demands by the clients, which happen on site, often during delivery or installation,

says Sabina Simović, sales manager at Xylon.

Nevertheless, team work and dedication, coupled with technologies which we use – flexible machines that can adjust to various market demands – enable us to solve all problems on the go, so the buyer is always satisfied and, what is most important, recommends us to others.

Although machines are the foundation of production in Xylon, craftmanship is also highly valued.

After being cut by the machine, each piece is worked on by a craftsman, who adds the final touches. Every detail is brought to perfection and that is why our carpenters are what give our products their value, or, as we like to say, a soul. Our buyers are often surprised when they find out how many times each element is sanded and polished and how much effort is made so that the final product matches the quality standards we set before ourselves,

Sabina says with pride.

The market demands non-standard designs, curved shapes, and Xylon is famous for being a company which can meet any desire of their buyers. The whole process, besides design, involves a complex technical elaboration done by engineers educated at the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade, who use software to create 3D models.

From the very start, the owners of Xylon understood that good quality products require modern machines.

For this reason, they chose Biesse, and as far back as 1996 they invested in a Rover 13 machine, which was in use up to a few years ago, when it was replaced by a five-axis Rover A 1632. It was this machine, which in combination with advanced bSolid software, which was capable of utilizing 3D models in an easy and efficient way, enabling Xylon to realize the most complex projects that its clients bring.

The five-axis Rover is used more and more in our everyday manufacture and our clients already know that they can expect us to produce interesting and unusual shapes in their interiors. These pieces of furniture are not only something that can be the pride of the owners but are also an expression of their personality and aesthetics.

says the sales director of Xylon.

Besides the manufacture of unique furniture Xylon also continues to equip interiors and office space. For many years now they have purchased new machines and serviced old ones through TOP TECH WOODWORKING, the authorized dealers and service providers for Biesse machines for the region of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was this cooperation that helped Xylon to keep up with growing demands for their products, by gradually purchasing equipment that helped them keep up with the dynamic changes which the company experienced in its development. In “The Surgery”, which is the name Xylon gave to the area where the machines are operated, some of the best solutions in woodworking have found their place, such as the Rover A 3.30 machine center, the Selco EB75 squaring machine, the Akron 4440 edgebander, the Brema Eko 2.1 drilling machine and the five-axis Rover A 1632.

Sabina and her team have great plans for the future.

At the moment we are working on creating a new brand which will be called Laura and which will include furniture developed by 15 designers from Serbia and abroad. We are currently working on renovating Villa Laura in Senjak, built in 1929, which gave the brand its name. The villa will be used as a salon and a concept house, where the products will be showcased for buyers, alongside lighting and other accessories.