TOP TECH WOODWORKING, authorized distributor, service provider and trusted partner of Biesse S.p.A. celebrates its 10th anniversary of successful business.

The company began work in early 2006 and very quickly complicated the significant projects with staff who were daily perfected and became increasingly able to carry out the installation even with complex lines of machines and systems. In the next two years, TOP TECH WOODWORKING organized a unique Home Fair “Open House – Made in Biesse” in Kragujevac, at 1600 square meters of exhibition space.

Every day we strive to enrich the components of our identity and presence in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania, as well as around the world where we go at Biesse’s request.

She emphasizes that employees are the bearers of success of the company TOP TECH WOODWORKING. Every person as an individual, but also as part of the team contributes to the realization of everyday tasks. TOP TECH WOODWORKING technicians are especially good friends with each other, and their attitude is reflected in the professional plan where they collegially support each other, sometimes in very specific conditions.

We always love to hear their stories, which we find out after the successful completion of the project, where they stayed together even for a couple of months. And after such a long period of time, they continue to socialize even outside of work.

Serbian furniture industry has from our point of view achieved remarkable results in the world. Using Biesse technology, companies opened the door to foreign markets. Business expansion demands the full cooperation of furniture manufacturers and those who provide the equipment. Business plans of TOP TECH WOODWORKING are aimed to ensure that the furniture manufacturers get all the possible support, ranging from technology development, through design, to engineering and installation of the equipment.